Monday, January 17, 2011

More about The Linton Casket Company, and the 'Lintonites'.

Well, if you are going to be your own town, you need to have a sign that says so. So, I designed one. Whidler puts it all together. We were just everyday people doing our thing. (Sure, click on a photo to enlarge.)

Then, you have to hang the sign out by the road so to let people know, you are no longer in the middle of nowhere. You are a place. A place where interesting things happen. We are now, if nothing else, a road side attraction. And, this place of our own invention, starts becoming its own melting pot.

We figured, every town has a 'poster child', and Felicia, daughter of one of the workers, was hanging around that day, so, we bribed her with cola and a tootsie pop.

She finally consented, and enjoyed every minute of attention.

Bud and Whidler pause to think about it all. "Ok," Bud says. "So now we are our own town, What's the burning issue at city hall?" Whidler says, "I reckon we need to do some shows." Bud says, 'Damn straight." I step in and say, "Let's call it Raising the Hammer." Stay tuned for glimpses of the Raising the Hammer shows, and a lot of rustic wood and stone work.

Whidler decides that if we are doing a show, he will not be Whidler. He will be 'Mask Man'. So, he sets out to make masks.

A few of the boys pause to model a few masks.

So, who was this Mask Man?

Whidler, of course. Stay tuned for more about Linton, and the shows, and the work produced.


  1. Oh wow. What a great cast of characters!

  2. I bet Al would love to see these posts.

  3. It definitely was, Stickup!

    Dee, I'm sure a lot of those people in the middle of this world for awhile would like to see them. This site can be found by google search, if anyone searches Linton Casket Company. I would be so delighted to discover some of them eventually find this document, of sorts. Other than that, I have pretty much lost touch with such folk, and sadly, some have died since.