Monday, January 31, 2011

Linton Cruisers

One of the colorful aspects of life in Linton was all the colorful trucks and cars. Here's a few.

Big Red loaded with a buckboard of sorts with automobile tires. These are often seen in small town parades being pulled by horses or mules.

A nice 60s model Ford Econoline pick-up, mid-restoration.

Another grand ride pulls into Linton. Bud's truck in the background.

An old pickup nestles into some high grass back in the hollow.

Bud's truck set up with sideboards. Handy for hauling goats.

Whidler's 'modified' El Camino.

My own 'rig' was a 94 Nissan with a low camper made of walnut.

Another old gem sits back in the hollow waiting for someone to give it a second chance.

An old WWII Army truck converted into a flatbed. The 'giant pinwheel' in the foreground was the beginning of an idea to harness the wind to draw water up from the creek. It was never implemented.

This old school bus was gutted, and all that was inside was a couple of bunks for anyone who needed to spend the night. Sorta like the Linton Motel, except, lodging was free.

Bud's fishing camper. Note the stove pipe. There is a small wood stove inside. Not only could this 4-wheel drive rig wander down to the river to go fishing, he could cook his catch up in the back of the truck.

Bud takes me into the overgrown pasture behind his shack to show me his very first car.

He reflects about taking his first girlfriend on their first date in his first car.


  1. These are some very old pictures and i miss them all so very much<3

  2. Hello Renee! I am sorry to just now be responding to your comments. I have been creating this site simply to somehow put on record that period of time, and different people involved. I was thinking maybe one day, someone will google Linton Casket Company and find it. And so you, and Morgan have! I am delighted!!

    I miss them all very much too....