Thursday, February 10, 2011

Linton Gets Organizizzzized......

In Linton, on your average kind of day, we made stuff, and simply set it out beside the road. People pulled over and we would negotiate a price. If we were down and out, things sold for the price of some beer and gas to see tomorrow on. But, that was before we started getting 'organaaazzzizzed'! (Click on photos to enlarge)
So, I thought that we should do a show called 'Raising the Hammer'. Leave the rest to Whidler. He steps up with a chain saw, blade, and maul, and knocks out an icon for us. A big hammer! Showtime

Whidler drags the hammer out to the road, and I make him pause to get a shot. I remember him saying, "Hurry up, damn it! This thing is killing me!" (What we do for art and publicity!)

We installed the big hammer on a tree stump out along the road. A clue that something was going on here. We added additional signage as the show date drew near.

Bud and Whidler go to work sprucing up the place. Putting on a show sometimes is about creating atmosphere, it is not just about the work, it is about staging it. We had Linton looking like a frontier town in no time flat.

Wild Man Eddy Joe came up from Alabama to do some chain saw carving. With chain saw carvers, they mostly go at the wood with that one tool.

Wild man creates some depth and shadows on a totem with a can of spray paint.

JQ takes a torch to the face on a walking stick to give it a dark and burnished look. It will then be steel-wooled, and oiled down with Linseed oil and have a rather ancient look, when all is said and done.

To do the show, some of the out-buildings in Linton needed to become 'galleries', so to speak, so we could show work rain or shine. Here you see some new stairs built as an entrance up to one such space.

We did pause to crank out some moonshine on a home-made rig. We even made a Linton Casket Company label for our jars! (It was a popular item, and brought in a little needed cash.)

Because we had our own sawmill, we could cut very thin 'deli' slices and bend them and play with ideas.

Here, we curl a thin piece to see what it could possibly yield.

Big Red, loaded with lots of fresh and exciting lumber ready to work. Especially these several pieces of exotic Paradise wood. We used those for a commissioned bed frame, head board, foot board.

Big Red, ready and loaded with a bunch of hand-made stuff.

So, off we go, out of the hollow, across Brush Creek, and out into this thing called civilization where we will peddle our wares.

Next up: A few of our shows, and stuff we made.

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