Friday, February 4, 2011

A Few of the Many who Helped Linton Happen

Without Lester, I am not sure this Linton project could have happened. He wasn't a wood worker, but somehow he had this gift of understanding any and every machine, and how to keep it running. This would include Big Red, as you see here loaded with logs, our various cars and trucks, our tools, and the sawmill. He humbly kept all things purring, including my truck when it was acting sick. Big hat's off to Lester!

Lester, back in one of the shacks in Linton, sharpens chainsaw blades. It was a home made rig that sharpened every tooth of a chainsaw cleanly. The same way, every time. If you ever tried to sharpen each tooth in a chainsaw by hand, you would appreciate this art very much!

Frank came out from the city to 'rustle' us up some breakfast now and then, on the old wood stove. Frank ran a gourmet lunch business in the city called "Let's Do Lunch". It was a delivery operation, and for awhile, I was one of his drivers, and got lots of left-overs. He kept me from starving more than once.

A wood worker's son hauls in some foliage for decor for an up-coming show. As if the place needed more ambience than it already had. A great kid.

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  1. These photos must bring back great memories for you.